Cypionate Cycle

You know you want to give Testosterone Cypionate a try but if youíre like many men youíre not sure how to plan a Cypionate cycle. Maybe this is your first anabolic steroid cycle and if thatís the case confusion is quite common. Of course, maybe youíve used anabolic steroids before, you may have even used this anabolic steroid, but thereís a good chance your Cypionate cycle fell short. In many cases, confusion and disappointment are due to overcomplicating things but we assure you this isnít a complicated process. One reason for the complication is we have been conditioned to fear anabolic steroids and make no mistake, you must respect them as they are truly powerful; however, their merely hormones and nothing more. By understanding what the hormone is that youíll be using and you can get a good understanding from the profile page, then and only then can you understand how to plan a safe yet very effective Cypionate cycle.

The Base Cypionate Cycle:

The base Cypionate cycle refers to Testosterone Cypionate itself as this will be the base of your cycle no matter how extensive it gets. This will be the foundation your entire performance enhancement plan is built upon. For this base, you will need a minimum of 400mg to 500mg of Cypionate per week and for many men this is all they will need; especially beginners. A 12 week plan at 400-500mg per week will be more than enough to see you grow and will be more than enough to aid you in leaning out should your Cypionate cycle be for cutting purposes. Further, aromatase activity will be very easy to control with such doses and while youíll need to keep an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) on hand some may not need one at all.

Of course, some men will want more in-terms of dosing and duration and more can be had. A Cypionate cycle at 600mg per week is very common and still well within the realm of safety as far as controlling aromatase goes. Further, 16 weeks is very manageable; in-fact, Cypionate can actually be used for very long periods of time; after all, itís nothing more than testosterone. Can more be used? Of course it can but it can be risky; for more information, please see the Cypionate doses link.

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Bulking Cypionate Cycle:

For the first time bulking Cypionate cycle, someone who has never supplemented with anabolic steroids before, nothing but Testosterone Cypionate may be all you need. Even so, a low dose of Dianabol can be added at 20mg to 25mg per day the first six weeks in-order to kick start things off with fast gains. If youíve never used anabolic steroids before and donít grow from this then youíre not eating enough or your products are garbage.

Beyond the standard beginners plan, a Cypionate cycle for bulking that is absolutely perfect would be Testosterone Cypionate and Deca Durabolin and once again perhaps a little Dianabol. For this plan, 10-12 weeks of Deca Durabolin at 300-400mg per week alongside 500-600mg per week of Testosterone Cypionate is perfect. As for the Dianabol, 25-35mg per day the first six weeks can get the job done with many choosing as much as 50mg per day. Other options for an off-season Cypionate cycle include Equipoise at 300-600mg per week alongside your Cypionate and believe it or not Trenbolone Acetate at 75mg every other day for a good 8 weeks or so.

Cutting Cypionate Cycle:

For a cutting Cypionate cycle, the same doses and duration of use can be applied as was when bulking; however, some may choose to switch to Testosterone Propionate towards the end as some find itís easier to control water retention with the Propionate form. At any rate, a Cypionate cycle that includes Equipoise on the front end can be perfect with the testosterone of your choice and Trenbolone Acetate at the end; say the last 8 weeks of a 16 week plan. Other options that may be included would be Winstrol, Anavar, Primobolan Depot and of course Masteron.

For the first time Cypionate cycle, if youíre new to anabolic steroids and starting with a cutting plan 300-400mg per week of Cypionate along with 50mg of Anavar per day the last 8 weeks of a 12 week plan will be fantastic. If high quality Anavar is not available, you may find Winstrol at 50mg every other day to be acceptable.

Cypionate Cycle Enhancement:

In-order to enhance your Cypionate cycle, regardless of your level of experience or purpose of use you can always add in Human Growth Hormone (HGH). HGH doses at 2iu per day will promote tremendous anabolic activity and doses of 4-5iu per day will promote strong metabolic and anabolic activity; of course, this is assuming your HGH is pharmacy grade. Beyond HGH, AIís such as Anastrozole (Arimidex) or Letrozole (Femara) should always be kept on hand with Clenbuterol and Cytomel being solid options for a cutting Cypionate cycle.