Effects of Cypionate

The effects of Cypionate were largely discussed in the profile page but we want to go into a little more detail. Specifically, we want to look at the effects of Cypionate in a more practical sense so that you’ll know exactly what this anabolic steroid can offer. Before we do it must be noted; here we are only concerned with the positive effects of Cypionate. For information on the adverse effects of Cypionate please see the side effects link.

The Effects of Cypionate on Anabolism:

Anabolism refers to muscle building and it is from anabolism we get the word anabolic and therefore anabolic steroids or muscle building steroids for simplicities sake. The effects of Cypionate in regards to anabolism are quite tremendous and largely revolve around its ability to promote nitrogen retention, enhance protein synthesis and increase our body’s production of IGF-1. While this is the case, no you are not going to gain pounds and pounds of muscle simply by using this anabolic steroid. Despite what you may have been told they are not magical substances.

In-order for the effects of Cypionate to be fully displayed in the most powerful way that meets a potent anabolic end you must eat and you must stimulate the muscles. With enough proper nutrition and muscle stimulation this will cause your muscles to grow and it happens simply due to your own natural testosterone. However, when it comes to the effects of Cypionate we are providing more of this testosterone hormone so that testosterone can do what it does best; build muscle tissue.

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The Effects of Cypionate on the Metabolism:

Most understand the effects of Cypionate revolve around highly powerful anabolic activity, but many fail to understand this steroid’s potent metabolic enhancing properties. By binding firmly to the androgen receptor, this makes a steroid first and foremost more powerful; however, it also directly aids in fat loss. Further, the effects of Cypionate also include the inhibiting of glucocorticoid hormones or stress hormones and while glucocorticoids destroy muscle tissue they also promote fat gain. By binding firmly to the androgen receptor and inhibiting glucocorticoids, our metabolism burns stronger, we gain less fat when bulking and lose more fat when cutting.

The Effects of Cypionate on Endurance & Recovery:

Through the traits mentioned above, both endurance and recovery are enhanced; however, it is this steroid’s ability to promote an increase in red blood cell count that will promote endurance more so than anything else. By such traits, this means the effects of Cypionate will result in an athlete who does not tire out as fast. Further, the same athlete will recover faster from strenuous activity than he would without Cypionate. These effects may not sound as exciting as building muscle or losing body fat but they’re probably the most important of all. With greater endurance and faster recovery, we can work harder, more work can be done and more progress can be made. Think about it, no matter how anabolic a steroid is if you are tiring out too quickly and not recovering fast enough you won’t get very far; thankfully the effects of Cypionate remedy this problem.