Cypionate Doses

With the right Cypionate doses, we can eliminate a low testosterone condition, we can build as much lean muscle mass as we desire, and we can even lead ourselves to a leaner and ripped physique. A truly remarkable steroid of enormous versatility; however, to meet the desired end we must have the right Cypionate doses. Cypionate doses of a bulking nature will be the highest and while they may begin high in a cutting cycle they will often reduce towards the end. In some cases, Cypionate doses during a cutting phase will reach testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) levels.

Through our discussion, we want to discover the right Cypionate doses to meet any of the three primary needs. Further, we want to do so in a way that ensures the promotion of your safety. Even so, it must be noted; we are all unique individuals and we will all experience varying levels of response. For this reason, your Cypionate doses may need to be adjusted, they may need to be a little lower but we will provide a standard guideline in-order to get the ball rolling. It should also be noted; Cypionate doses of a TRT nature are often lower than needed and while many physicians are petrified of prescribing adequate doses you are encouraged to seek out a new physician should this be a problem.

TRT Cypionate Doses:

TRT Cypionate doses simply refer to a testosterone plan designed to treat a low testosterone condition. In this case, you are no longer producing enough testosterone to meet your body’s needs and exogenous testosterone must be applied. In-order to meet this need, most men will need Cypionate doses of 100mg to 200mg per week; any less and it’s highly unlikely you’ll surpass a baseline low level. You might surpass it a little depending on your condition but it won’t be by much.

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Cypionate doses of 200mg per week are guaranteed to remedy almost any low testosterone condition; in-fact, they should comfortably take you into the high end range yet still below what would be considered a performance level. Further, when it comes to side effects such Cypionate doses rarely display any as there isn’t enough testosterone to aromatize to any significant degree.

Cutting Cypionate Doses:

Cutting Cypionate doses will normally fall in the 200mg to 600mg per week range with most men beginning at 400mg minimum. Most men will find 400mg to 600mg per week to be perfect for preserving their lean muscle mass under calorie restrictions and aiding greatly in fat loss. For some, maintaining such doses throughout the total cycle will be just what they need, but others may find reducing it to a TRT level to be needed towards the back end of a cycle. In this case, the individual might start somewhere in the 400-600mg range and reduce it to 200-300mg per week for 4-5 weeks and then all the way down to as low as 100mg for a week or two.

Of course, higher Cypionate doses can be used when cutting; 800mg to 1,000mg is very common place among hardcore steroid users. Even so, they will often reduce the dose as the diet goes along; however, they must be very experienced with such doses or side effects may get out of control. For this reason, many will administer their Cypionate more frequently rather than once to twice weekly doses. In this case they may administer small every other day doses as it is easier to control aromatase this way when large doses are applied.

Bulking Cypionate Doses:

For the bulking cycle, the same Cypionate doses used when cutting can be applied. The only differences in bulking Cypionate doses is the amount of food that will be consumed and no TRT doses will be applied. In most cases, the individual will find Cypionate doses he is comfortable with and continue them throughout the entire cycle’s length. Of course, another difference could very well be the other anabolic steroids he’s stacking with his Cypionate. For example, Deca Durabolin and Dianabol are very common when bulking, but when cutting we’ll see steroids like Masteron and Winstrol far more commonly.