Cypionate Profile

(Testosterone Cypionate)

Testosterone Cypionate is a basic yet extremely powerful and popular testosterone compound. First brought to the market place by Upjohn under the trade name Depot-Testosterone in the 1950ís, Cypionate has remained enormously popular in the U.S. market ever since. Virtually identical to Testosterone Enanthate, the Enanthate version holds a little more popularity in the global market due to its availability; in-fact, the most well-known testosterone of all time is Scheringís Testoviron Depot which is Testosterone Enanthate. The reason Enanthate holds a little more popularity has nothing to do with its effectiveness; after all, Cypionate is for all intense purposes identical. However, there simply isnít as much Cypionate on the market as the primary human grade or pharmaceutical grade forms are held under tight control in the U.S. Even so, thereís plenty of Cypionate available on the black market, especially from underground labs and to this day thereís plenty of Cypionate being prescribed. In the U.S. Cypionate is the most commonly prescribed testosterone.

In-order to understand Cypionate we first must merely understand testosterone. Testosterone is the primary sex hormone of the androgen class. It is the primary male sex hormone; however, it is produced and needed by both men and women. While men produce about ten times as much testosterone as women it is responsible for things like the building and preservation of muscle mass and strength, it controls the metabolic rate to a large degree and even plays important roles revolving around our mental and sexual function. At any rate, Cypionate is simply a synthetic version of the naturally produced testosterone hormone and while synthetic the body makes no distinguishing difference between synthetic and naturally produced. With all of this in mind letís take a look at Cypionate, letís look at its traits and see if we can find what differentiates it from other testosterone compounds.

Testosterone Cypionate Basics:

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Testosterone Cypionate is a single ester based testosterone compound. Esters are attached to steroids in-order to control their release time, and in the case of Cypionate we have a large ester. As a large ester this means the testosterone will be released slowly and steadily over an extended period of time; in-fact, Testosterone Cypionate carries an active half-life of approximately 8 days. In-order to appreciate this half-life, consider Testosterone Propionate which only has a half-life of approximately 3 days and must be injected far more frequently.

As a testosterone compound, Cypionate carries all the standard testosterone traits; itís merely its release time that separates it from other compounds. As a testosterone, Cypionate has the ability to promote enhanced nitrogen retention and protein synthesis, and by such traits enable us to maximize protein consumption for anabolic activity, i.e. building muscle. Further, by its nature Cypionate will enhance the release of another naturally occurring anabolic hormone IGF-1 and further increase red blood cell count. This increase in red blood cell count is very beneficial as it will promote muscular endurance and even enhance our overall rate of recovery.

Beyond the direct anabolic and endurance traits provided, Cypionate is a steroid that binds fairly well to the androgen receptor. This is important because the firmer a steroid binds the more powerful it will be. Further, this androgen receptor binding also has a positive impact on the metabolism as it will enhance fat burning when our testosterone levels go up. While androgen receptor binding plays an important role in-regards to body fat another important role is this steroidís ability to inhibit glucocorticoid hormones. Glucocorticoid hormones are best known as stress or muscle wasting hormones and they do exactly what they sound like they do. Glucocorticoidís destroy muscle tissue, promote fat gain and make the reverse nearly impossible if they are abundant. Further, they can inhibit or slow down recovery, but thankfully testosterone compounds like Cypionate put an end to this problem.

Side Effects of Cypionate:

As will be the case with all testosterone compounds Cypionate does carry a few possible adverse side effects. For the individual who is using this steroid to treat low testosterone it is unlikely there will be a problem. In such cases we are merely replacing what our body is lacking and we are replacing it with the same testosterone hormone that we need. Where the side effects of Cypionate can be a concern is with performance level doses; doses designed to go above and beyond what can be naturally produced. Of course, itís more than possible for a healthy adult male to avoid the side effects of Cypionate; however, he must recognize the side effects and understand what to do about them.

When it comes to the side effects of Cypionate the most common include gynecomastia (male breast enlargement), excess water retention and high blood pressure. All three side effects are due to a buildup in excess estrogen that can occur due to this steroidís ability to aromatize and each one is 100% avoidable. The testosterone hormone has the ability to convert into estrogen through the aromatase process and as levels rise gynecomastia and water retention can occur and as water retention occurs this can lead to high blood pressure. In-order to combat such issues the first step is responsible doses so that thereís not an excess buildup of estrogen. Further, we can control estrogen through the use of Aromatase Inhibitors (AIís) as they will inhibit the aromatase process and even reduce the bodyís total estrogen levels. Even so, you must be careful as AIís can have a negative impact on cholesterol. You should only use AIís at a minimum dose and ensure your diet is cholesterol friendly. It should go without saying, if you already suffer from high blood pressure or cholesterol you should not supplement with Cypionate.

Anabolic steroids like Cypionate also have the ability to promote three distinct dihydrotestosterone (DHT) related side effects due to a DHT conversion. Such DHT related side effects of Cypionate include acne, hair loss and prostate enlargement. Acne is the most common but is normally controlled by keeping the skin extremely clean and hair loss is only possible in men predisposed to male pattern baldness. As for prostate enlargement, this is by far the most dangerous side effect of Cypionate. However, it will take a massive dosing for an extended period of time or some preexisting prostate issue of an underlying nature for it to occur in most cases.

The Benefits of Cypionate:

The primary benefit of Cypionate is to reverse a low testosterone condition, but this doesnít tell us much about performance enhancement. In-order to understand the benefits of Cypionate, we must consider bulking and cutting periods of use as this steroid can benefit both time periods of enhancement. For the off-season athlete who is looking to bulk up, Cypionate will provide large increases in lean muscle tissue when enough calories are consumed. Further, it will allow you to gain such weight with less body fat than you would otherwise. Moreover, this steroid will aid you in getting through your off-season training as your endurance and recovery rates will have been increased, and in the end a larger more muscular frame is displayed.

Then we have cutting cycles and while the benefits of Cypionate during a bulking phase largely speak for themselves this steroid is quite beneficial when cutting. Through use, Cypionate will help the individual burn more body fat due to the strong increase in the metabolic rate; however, thatís not the primary benefit. The primary benefit of Cypionate is in its ability to help the individual preserve muscle tissue that would often be lost under necessary caloric restrictions. Further, as was with bulking endurance and recovery rates will be enhanced and here this is even more valuable as hard dieting can at times be brutal.

Then we have the big one and while itís not as exciting it is a tremendously important benefit. When we use anabolic steroids our natural testosterone production will be suppressed. How great the suppression is will depend on the steroids weíre using but itís going to occur and something must be done or we will find ourselves in a low testosterone state. Fortunately, the primary benefit of Cypionate is providing the body with the testosterone it needs; problem solved. For many men, steroids like Cypionate will always be the base of their cycles but for others they choose to rely on other anabolic compounds to meet their needs. If the latter is the case, you will still need a low dose of testosterone in-order to provide what the body needs so that you remain healthy and Cypionate can meet this need perfectly.